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2024 CROWN R&B and poetry flyer  (2).png
2024 CROWN R&B and poetry flyer .png
Who will take the crown?
  1. Performance and Compensation:

    • Perform and be paid; earn more from the tickets you sell.

  2. Competition Element:

    • Compete against fellow artists throughout the month!

  3. Advancement and Championship:

    • Out of two shows each month, the top-voted poet and top-voted R&B artist will advance to the championship shows in July. 

    • CROWN CHAMPION receives a hand-crafted crown, automatically booked for the next Crown Series with a tripled payout for the following season of Crown Series. 

  4. Ticket Sales and Personal Links:

    • Once announced, you will receive a personal link to sell tickets, and payouts will be issued within 5 days after the event.

    • The event will have live stream tickets making your performance more accessible to be supported! 

  5. Payout Structure:

    • Payout structure based on ticket sales:

      • 0-4 tickets sold = $25

      • 5-9 tickets sold = $50

      • 10-14 tickets sold = $100

      • 15-19 tickets sold = $150

      • 20+ tickets sold = $200

    • (Payout doubles for Championship Shows!)

  6. Additional Perks:

    • Other perks include:

      • Professional photos of your performance (a $125 value)

      • Professional video of the performance (a $150 value)

      • Receive 10 R&B and poetic beats free for your use

  7. Secure Your Preferred Date Early!

    • If you're preferred date is already full, we will offer another date.​

  8. Last but not least!

    • The more people you bring out, the more of a chance for higher voting! Crowd votes determine all winners! ​


Upload a video or enter a link to a live performance 

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