Did I lose or Find You?

I see a different fierceness in my eyes

What is this disguise

Heart still on the prize

But There's a different intensity I comprise

No more telling lies

No more faking love to women that would jump off the cliff and fly

I know life's a game but I can't be out here using hearts as tokens

Just to start your ignition

Slight your recognition

Wasn't my intention

Just being human

But these cloudy hues making me a darker man

I needa stick to the plan

That involves growth spiritually

A conscious mind state

And a body that resembles gods fate

Frustration building quicker than ever

Eager to be bigger than a capital letter

Rather be in the house than dates just to capitalize my downtime in order to be better

I'm open and honest to those in my Circle

So they never have to think they have to go around me

Truthful so I won't be outed and doubted as the man I set to be

When my life ends

That's the beginning of my legacy.

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